Dead Body Found On Hawaii Airport, Runway Closed Pending Investigation

Dead Body Found On Hawaii Airport, Runway Closed Pending

A dead body was discovered by the Honolulu police on the runway of the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Hawaii, on Saturday. According to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, the body was discovered at 12:15 local time (5:15 p.m. EST) near the reef runway, after they were alerted to an unknown object seen there. “It was actually noticed by a plane. They said it was going to be the scene, the reef runway, and the discovery, “said transportation spokesman Tim Sakahara, Hawaii Khon 2 reported. The runway on which the body was discovered was closed, pending investigation. There are three other runways on the airport, which will continue to be serviceable. The details of how the body may have ended up on the tarmac are still unclear, homicide detectives, who were on the scene, said. No flight delays or cancellations have been reported as a result of the investigation. Despite talks of air-tight security at airports, there have been cases of bodies being discovered inside the facilities, including flights. In early January, the cleaning crew discovered body of a newborn baby Etihad Airways aircraft. The baby was wrapped in plastic and dumped inside the bathroom after an Indonesian woman, Hani, gave birth on air. The unnamed woman was arrested after the discovery. The flight had taken off from Abu Dhabi when Hani – believed to be a migrant worker – started to bleed. This forced to pilot the plane to Jakarta International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. “The woman was in economy class but then ugly on a business-class seat with an oxygen mask. The captain then announced we should divert to Bangkok, “a crew member of Etihad Airways, Francesco Calore, said. The woman was not immediately questioned about the incident, but said, “It is not safe and it will not be questioned until it is fit.” According to the New York Times, Hani was a married woman with children. She confessed that the baby has been dumped inside the bathroom because it was the result of her extramarital affair with her boss in Abu Dhabi. Hani did not elaborate on whether the baby was dead or alive when she had dumped it in the bathroom. The cause of death of the baby has been determined by the investigators. Similarly, in September 2017, the body of a newborn baby was found in Bellville, Cape Town. After getting alerted to a suspicious bundle – wrapped in a black sweater – seen inside a waste bin, the South African city police discovered a dead body of a full-term baby boy in it. The Honolulu Police are at Daniel K. International Airport after a body was found on the runway reef. In this photo, a Strategic Airlines is sitting on the tarmac at Honolulu International Airport on Thursday, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb. 16, 2012. Photo: Getty Images / Kent Nishimura

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