Holy moly, guacamole! Chipotle coming to Brockton this month

Holy moly, guacamole!  Chipotle coming to Brockton this

Chipotle Mexican Grill has a great opening date for its new Brockton restaurant at the Westgate Mall.
Marc Larocque Enterprise Staff Writer @Enterprise_Marc
BROCKTON – Brockton is a burrito boom as a new Chipotle restaurant is set to open in the city.
The popular Mexican restaurant chain, Chipotle Mexican Grill, told the company that it is holding a great opening for its new Brockton location on Jan. 25. The new restaurant is part of the Westgate Mall, and is located next to Staples, across from Market Basket.
“We’re always looking for new places and Brockton’s Westgate Mall is a great fit,” said Quinn Kelsey, spokesperson for Chipotle. “It opens up to a new community and makes it easier for residents to enjoy wholesome food made with real ingredients every day.”
To celebrate the new Brockton location, Chipotle is giving T-shirts to the first 100 guests on opening day. And the first 25 guests will score a free regular-sized order of tortilla chips and queso dip.
The Brockton restaurant will be the 54th Chipotle restaurant operating in Massachusetts, Kelsey said. Outside of the city, the closest Chipotle rentals are in Braintree, Randolph and Raynham.
There will be about 25 employees at the new Brockton Chipotle, Kelsey said.
Chipotle said it is committed to sourcing ingredients that are raised responsibly, and will work with local farmers when it’s pragmatic.
“We have a local sourcing program during the warmer months,” Kelsey said. “Supporting Local Farmers close to Chipotle Restaurants has been an important part of our commitment to food for many years.”
When it comes to food safety, Chipotle said it is being vigilant.
In 2015, there was a rash of food safety issues at Chipotle restaurants, such as outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella and norovirus. That included a Chipotle at Cleveland Circle in Boston, where more than 130 got sick in early December 2015, prompting the founder of the restaurant chain to apologize. Last year, there was an outbreak of the disease in Chipotle in Virginia, which was caused by the law.
Kelsey said Chipotle will be working hard in Brockton to ensure food safety at all times.
“It has always been a priority to make sure that our food is safe to eat,” Kelsey said. “To ensure that all of our ingredients are as safe as possible, we are able to reach our restaurants.”
Chipotle, at times causing company stocks to tumble, the Mexican “fast casual” restaurant chain continues to build a fan base of taco lovers and burrito bowl addicts.
Part of the appeal is the customization of meals at Chipotle, offering something for everyone, including vegetarians and low-carb diners. Customers stand in a row and hear the tasty burrito, taco or burrito bowl.
“The excitement around our opening in Brockton makes it clear that residents are in a good mood, vibrant atmosphere,” Kelsey said. “And Chipotle’s menu is extremely customizable, we have something for everyone – from vegan to high-protein, paleo to dairy- and gluten-free. … The first location in Brockton will make it easier for residents to enjoy delicious, convenient food. “

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