Let’s not permit them to shame us

Regardless of how your perception, the Agreement between your Eu and Poultry on the joint plan of action to deal with the migration crisis, and send back Syrian refugees, is really a disgrace. It’ll go lower ever at the best like a temporary cowardice from the EU, at worst as the beginning of the moral meltdown for those Men and women, and will also be adopted through the demise from the Eu.

Shall we be certain Poultry will truly make use of the money caused by Men and women to accommodate, dress and feed the refugees? Or will Poultry place them in the Syrian border, subject to their torturers?

2. Expel, by improving their legal rights, all individuals who don’t hold this status.

There’s still time for you to save our soul and secure our interests. Let’s demand it from your leaders!


1. Receive, in compliance with worldwide and European law, that commits us, all political refugees who’ll arrived at us. Around the assumption they represent an resource for the future.

A priori, this agreement is clever, since it often leads refugees to prefer to not proceed using their trip, that will only return them for their original departure place. But on close inspection, this agreement is really a disgrace, and will also lead to simply tragedies. Shall we be likely to put back on motorboats ladies and children, in breach of worldwide conventions, by utilizing pressure, to be able to send it well to Poultry, towards the Syrian border, deprived of all of the sources they accustomed to help finance their crossing from the Aegean ocean? What’s going to we all do when a few of the refugees will ask European Courts to say their legal rights? What’s going to we all do when many will commit suicide instead of being delivered back to hell? Which sailors may have the center to obtain them into motorboats and transport them? Can they remain at the disposal of the traffickers who introduced them? Does anybody really think that the refugees who are prepared to take their lives at risk to depart their terrible situation is going to be dissuaded by the chance of being repatriated? They really will make use of the expertise of other smugglers to maneuver across other European edges and steer clear of the return convoys.

There’s still time for you to awaken and steer clear of the worst. In determining to:

3. Set up a fierce border police, to not steer clear of the refugees however the traffickers.

5. Make use of all means, including military, to assist Syria locate an order so peaceful that refugees may wish to go back home.

4. Sign a contract with Poultry, to not send refugees to the united states but to visit following the smugglers and individuals who enable them to.

Can we imitate the shameful European nations from the 1930s, who introduced back the Jewish people to German ports, or ports highlighting on Germany, potential occupied by their executioners? And will we avoid seeing, that individuals who definitely are humiliated in this way, and abandoned, will end up the worst opponents from the West, worse than individuals whose barbarity they’re fleeing today?

How this kind of appalling idea ran with the minds of honorable people? Without doubt they’ve lost their feeling of background and only have considered small tactics, losing their souls and planning a terrible future for all of us tomorrow.

6. Then help rebuild the location.

All of this will probably be less pricey than how much money that we’re going to share with the Turks with no control, in line with the current plan from the European Union’s leaders. As well as much more cost-effective compared to bill we will need to pay when that plan may have unsuccessful.

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