Omarosa tries crashing Trump’s Christmas message in spoof of firing on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Omarosa tries crashing Trump’s Christmas message in spoof of firing on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Despite Omarosa Manigault Newman’s assurances that his White House departure was boring, “Saturday Night Live” depicted the staff member’s wild job. The former reality show contestant tried to break into the White House as Alec Baldwin’s Trump President and Cecily Strong’s Melania Trump decorated their Christmas tree with casualties of their tumultuous management. “Nobody kicks Omarosa out of the White House,” bellowed cast member Leslie Jones as Newman, banging on the windows. Her demands fell on deaf ears as a team of Secret Service agents dragged Jones away, mimicking the dramatic sacking as described by sources this week. Omarosa throws tantrum, is escorted from White House after firing Newman apparently threw a profanity-laden tantrum when Chief of Staff John Kelly stopped her from having a word with the President during her firing. She then allegedly tried to force her way into the residence and was removed. Saturday Night Live spoofed Omarosa Manigault Newman’s dramatic departure from the White House in the latest cold open. (NBC, Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images) Newman disputed the reports and said she resigned. When physical force failed in the sketch, Jones ‘Newman tried to appeal to his old boss’ sympathy. She spoofed the emotional scene from the ’80s flick’ Say Anything ‘by hoisting a boombox above her head as it’s going to be the trumps with the theme from the NBC reality show. Omarosa’s White House tenure parallels tv reality turmoil “I will always love you, Don,” she cried out. A look at Saturday Night Live’s most memorable characters Michael Che addressed Newman’s unemployment during the “Weekend Update,” but was unable to describe what she actually did in the White House. “It was announced that Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired from her White House job – whatever the hell that was,” Che said. “My guess was the secretary of the sunken place.” Cheering her firing, most notably Robin Roberts’ sly diss. Omarosa Manigault hints Trump administration was ‘uncomfortable’ “I’m sure she’ll be selling that story,” the “Good Morning America” ​​host quipped, adding a passive-aggressive “Bye, Felicia.” Leslie Jones, as Newman, bangs on the windows of the White House in an attempt to get her job back. (NBC) “Man, when you get a ‘Bye, Felicia’ from Robin Roberts, you know you suck,” Che said. He then came face-to-face with the fake Newman as she tried to defend her departure. “I left that job by choice,” she insisted. SEE IT: Omarosa starring in weird movie about stealing Trump’s hair “I quit. I deactivated my ID card. I changed the locks on my own office. I escorted myself off the premise. And then I threw myself into the bushes. ”

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