AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascots are unveiled at Kakezuka elementary school, on December 7, 2017
Tokyo Olympic organizers unveiled a shortlist of three official 2020 Games mascots Thursday – from bug-eyed cartoon heroes to cuddly raccoons. The Olympic and Paralympic designs, which celebrate the themes of harmony, diversity and resilience, were unveiled by pupils at Tokyo elementary school.
A a 2020 Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic………………. Accus accus accus accus. Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic………… From December 11 to February 22, pupils at every elementary school across Japan – and Japanese overseas schools – will choose their favorite design, with each class casting a single vote. The winner will be announced on February 28. The competing mascots are instantly recognizable as “Made in Japan”, ranging in size from cool to glum-looking fox closer to the country’s beloved “yuru-kyara” (soft characters). A Japanese manga, Olympic Designs revealed it has a “strong sense of justice” and can apparently move faster than light. Its cousinal, meanwhile, sports red checks derived from cherry blossoms and possesses the ability, helpfully, to “talk with stones and the wind.” Design B peers a cartoon hybrid of a “lucky” cat and a fox draped in a red flame-like cloak with a blue lion-dog of the type seen guarding Japanese shrines – the common thread between them big round eyes resembling disco lights. Olympic Mascot B also “loves to take naps underneath the sunlight,” said Japanese organizers, adding that it “gives happy energy to people by touching them with its tail.” The softer appeal of Option C, meanwhile, brings together a fox looking at the subject of prehistoric “magatama” beads and a red raccoon looking a little bemused by all of the concussion. Tokyo organizers will be happy to make progress on the mascots to build a recent momentum following a series of public relations disasters. Last month, Tokyo opens its first new arrival for the 2020 Olympics – a welcome boost after the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe two years ago over its $ 2 billion price tag. Designs for the official Games emblem were then scrapped amid a plagiarism row. Olympic organizers have been invited to attend the event and have been invited to participate in the triathlon and open water swimming. While Tokyo has taken successful measures to reduce costs, the International Olympic Committee has urged local organizers to try to cut $ 12 trillion in budget games.

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